Some little tinny things may create great moments

Italy 1944, BIG Chain of Command (28mm)

A photographic report from our last battle with Chain of Command rules.  An American Cavalry Recce unit tried to secure a crucial crossroads when a Pzgrenadier Kampfgruppe tried to deny it. A Probe scenario, Italy 1944. Enjoy! 29177573_1876229582401807_7174173217865596928_n29062991_1876229002401865_4878711509678555136_n29101291_1876229379068494_2023596338549096448_n29133510_1876229025735196_1780262651406843904_n29066572_1876229202401845_2348096940421414912_n29103249_1876229699068462_7366163646180753408_n29102151_1876229679068464_2317435125945597952_n29176997_1876229505735148_6042809202089394176_n29177071_1876229539068478_7892312395664588800_n29101543_1876229875735111_5724613345919631360_n29067213_1876229819068450_1517205851671101440_n29104259_1876229029068529_3256437465023512576_n29063230_1876229279068504_6383071062627713024_n29136097_1876229299068502_447514770241748992_n


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This entry was posted on March 12, 2018 by in After Action Reports, Chain Of Command, Uncategorized, World War 2 Gaming.




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