Some little tinny things may create great moments

Italy 1944, BIG Chain of Command (28mm)

A photographic report from our last battle with Chain of Command rules.  An American Cavalry Recce unit tried to secure a crucial crossroads when a Pzgrenadier Kampfgruppe tried to deny … Continue reading

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The Patrol, Rauray 1944. A Chain of Command AAR

Last Sunday Thanos, John and myself had a great game with Chain Of Command rules by Too Fat Lardies. The battlefield. The background of the battle was that German and British … Continue reading

January 20, 2015 · 4 Comments

Chain of Command first impressions

Yesterday, I had my first (introductory) CoC game with my friends John and Christopher. This is not an AAR so it doesn’t matter what actually happened in the battle. I … Continue reading

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