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Yom Kippur War 1973, MicroMark Rules AAR

Following the pictures of our first battle with MicroMark Modern Rules. I think it is a great and playable rules system. The scenario was that an Israeli company of Shermans … Continue reading

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How an IDF Commander with just One Tank Turned Back a Syrian Column in the Yom Kippur War

With just one tank, Captain Zvika Greengold withstood the might of the Syrian military. As the battle around him raged, he moved in and out of the darkness, firing at … Continue reading

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Experience of Battle – Six Day War, 1967

The 1967 Six Day War saw the Israelis mount of massive pre-emptive strike against their Arabs neighbors. Spearheading the offensive was the Israeli Armored Corps of 1000 Centurion, M-48 and … Continue reading

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Tactics in Arab-Israeli Wars 1967-1973

From Bruce’s Quarrie book – Tank Battles In Miniatures …In the Six Day War the position  is relatively clear-the Israelis  were attacking in a blitzkrieg  manner which  would have made … Continue reading

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