Some little tinny things may create great moments

New Chain of Command Campaign Supplement: Kampfgruppe von Luck

After the very nice “29 Let’s Go!’ TooFatLardies has released the second of its pint-size campaign supplement.The “Kampfgruppe von Luck”, dealing with the counterattack of the 21st Panzer Division on … Continue reading

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Why “grand tactical” for Napoleonics and why Republique ruleset.

  I love Napoleonic Period as many of you but I never played it with ‘battalion level’ rules because I think it is a “must” to play the period with … Continue reading

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Austrian Napoleonic Cavalry (Adler Miniatures)

Below some photographs from my Austrian Napoleonic Cavalry. The 6mm miniatures are from the Adler company and I use them to play my favourite Napoleonic period game “Republique” from War … Continue reading

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The Patrol, Rauray 1944. A Chain of Command AAR

Last Sunday Thanos, John and myself had a great game with Chain Of Command rules by Too Fat Lardies. The battlefield. The background of the battle was that German and British … Continue reading

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How an IDF Commander with just One Tank Turned Back a Syrian Column in the Yom Kippur War

With just one tank, Captain Zvika Greengold withstood the might of the Syrian military. As the battle around him raged, he moved in and out of the darkness, firing at … Continue reading

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ORION’s 1/ 72 Modern Russian Federals Review

This set is my first purchase about my Russian-Chechen War of 1994-96 project. The box contains 46 (medium consistency) plastic figures. You will find in it regular infantry, Spetsnaz/ special forces … Continue reading

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The gunner of a BMP1 in Chechnya remembers…

January 1995 – January 2015: 20 years from the invasion of the Russian troops to Grozny.   S. Bochkarev Tea with a hint of diesel [Preface] Sometimes, it seems the outcome … Continue reading

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Too Fat Lardies Xmas Special Released!

Santa Claus is coming to town!!! Probably with the brand new TFL Xmas Special 2014! An incredible value for money pdf. Contents are: Introduction A Festive greeting from Lard Island.  … Continue reading

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Chain of Command first impressions

Yesterday, I had my first (introductory) CoC game with my friends John and Christopher. This is not an AAR so it doesn’t matter what actually happened in the battle. I … Continue reading

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Falklands 1982: Port San Carlos to Stanley

 Next Wargaming Project: Falklands 1982:  Port San Carlos to Stanley. Falklands 1982:  Port San Carlos to Stanley  is designed to simulate the land battles of the South Atlantic War of 1982. Other games … Continue reading

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