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The Patrol, Rauray 1944. A Chain of Command AAR


Last Sunday Thanos, John and myself had a great game with Chain Of Command rules by Too Fat Lardies.


The battlefield.

The background of the battle was that German and British patrols explore an area somewhere near the village of Rauray in Normandy at June 1944. Thanos picked up a German PzGrenadier’s platoon and John selected a British Infantry platoon. We decided for no additional supports tried to keep the game as simple as possible.  The scenario was “The Patrol” (first in the main rule book). Both sides had the same Force Morale (8).


The Jump Of Points.

Patrol Phase

Germans started to move and place first the potential Jump Of Points markers in the patrol phase after an extra dice roll because of the same force morale rating of the two forces as mentioned above. At that point Thanos realised that the “pressure” for the right decisions had already began even before the first shot! At the photo below you can see the final Jump Of Points positions. The battle was ready to begin.


The Battle

Germans deployed first two squads in two consecutive phases thanks to the double 6s of their command dice. A squad took positions into the center’s sector building and its backyard and another one deployed a team into and around the eastern house.


In order to counter the german MGs the British (John) tried to use the most available coverage in the center sector.  The first two squads deployed fast and used the cover of the center house. Two Bren teams deployed in overwatch stance (something that Germans didn’t do in their phase) and with thoughts of using them as base of fire.


Two rifle teams were ready to attack. John believed that he was able to attack if matters got well. The third of the british squads deployed in the wheat fields.


Germans kept a squad in reserve. An intense firefight starts in the center sector and Germans had the first casualty.  The British used overwhelming firepower force that way the german team (which was at the backyard) to broke because of casualties and shock.


The german (overall) morale was reduced by one and went to 7. Thanos found the game exited so far despite the fact that had one of his teams of table.


The german team in the backyard after a firefight broke because of casualties and morale.

Meanwhile the second german team was tried to move and did something to relief the pressure in the center. A LMG team with its Junior Leader moved against the british squad in the fields. Two LMG teams supports them from the houses.


Three MG42s opened fire but the bursts missed and the british had no casualties. The effort had not the expected results and to make matters worse the german Junior Leader was mortally wounded (another -1 at the morale test for german side to 6).


John then tried to deploy a smoke screen and get ready to attack through the bocage. After 2 misses he was ready to go. But then the wind change direction (thanos use a command dice to end the turn)!!


The german reserve (3rd squad) deployed and a new firefight follows, with one british rifle team destroyed but the morale hadn`t change! On the other hand the german Junior Leader wounded and a new morale blow hits the germans (-1 to force morale to 5)!


At this time the germans decided to withdraw and the game was called.


4 comments on “The Patrol, Rauray 1944. A Chain of Command AAR

  1. Robert H.
    January 20, 2015

    Nice write up and photos. Chain of Command is great fun.

  2. John Mathiou
    January 20, 2015

    Nice AAR Vaggelis!
    As British Commander I have to thank you and Thanos for having fun and spend our Sunday in great mood.

    John Mathiou

    January 21, 2015

    Thank you Robert! I totally agree with you! CoC is one of the best rules set out there…

  4. Ioannis Pavlidis
    January 6, 2018

    Very nice work, very nice game.

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