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Chain of Command first impressions

Yesterday, I had my first (introductory) CoC game with my friends John and Christopher. This is not an AAR so it doesn’t matter what actually happened in the battle.

I write here so as to express my thoughts about Chain of Command. chain of command cover

When somebody who loves TFL and Richard Clarke’s games says that CoC is a very good game I think that for the “neutral” reader is something more than predictable…

To begin with, I am really impressed with the great mechanisms of the game. I was very curious to find out how Richard replaced a very successful command and control system (like the cards activation) with another one of dice rolling. So, – like always – I have to say: Yeah, he did it again! The “heart” of the game (C&C system) is simple and easy to learn. I repeat: simple and easy to learn. Only! That is the starting point of a sweet “fever” for the player. The player must learn to use it with the best way –according to the circumstances- for his own favor. That is not an easy thing! The player has so many options some times (or so little other times) to gives an order to his units and he feels that whatever decides to do it is really important! I believe that the player every time has the question to him self if he made the right decision for the next phase of the game…Everything else or things that in other games matter a lot such as how poweful is my gun or can I hit with good posibilities a tank in this range etc. come in second –or third- place! This is a game of decisions not a gunplay game!

I have to many things to say but I don’t. I think that the feeling in the game is everywhere so that is enough for me.

The game with one word is: BRILLIANT!

I think that the most honest moto is that of the TFL’s: We play the period not the rules!

Thank you Richard.


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