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Battlegroup Kursk – 15mm – AAR


Last Thursday  John, Christopher and Vaggelis had a tank battle and here is the AAR of it. We agreed to see the basics of the aimed fire and tried to play the game in a slow tempo because it was – only – our second battle. Our goal was to “run” the game as better as we can and to understand the mechanisms as good as possible. I hope you enjoy our AAR and photos. ☺


Scenario: Attack/counterattack – Type of battle: meeting engagement


The German Battlegroup (John)

FHQ team – 2 squadrons of 3 Panzer IVGs each – 1 squadron of 3 Tigers – 2 squads of Panzer Grenadiers in trucks – 2 supply trucks (1 armored).

BR: 38


The Russian Battlegroup (Christopher)

FHQ team – NKVD officer – 3 squadrons of 3 T-34s – 1 squadron of 3 KV-1s – 1 KV-2 – 2 squads of sappers in Trucks – 2 supply horse wagons.

BR: 49 (including NKVD officer`s roll of 5 extras BRs)


The Russians deployed faster on the table and managed by the end of the second round to capture two of the four objectives!


Germans deployed their Tiger squadron as fast as they could on their right.


A bloody struggle between the 3 Tigers and 3 T-34/43s, 2 KV 1s and 1 KV 2 started. The first (lucky) shot of a T-34 destroyed a Tiger. The fighting continued and the German tanks took their revenge!


After of a couple of turns a total of 5 Russian tanks were out of order (destroyed or abandoned)!


One of the two remaining Tigers was pinned and the other one was steady!

At the other half of the table 3 T-34s and 1 sapper squad tried to capture another objective (that will been the third).


The Germans were aware about and prepared to refuse the objective to the Russians!


Holding their objective – that had already taken on a previous turn – the Germans put 2 Panzer-IVGs in ambush to cover the advance of two others IVGs in an attempt to counter the Russian attack.


The battle was in a full progress. Almost the 70% of the entire forces were deployed on the battlefield. Unfortunately at that time and after 1½ hours of play Christopher had to go back at work (after an emergency call), so we had to stop our meeting.


We summed the BR chits. German side had 32 BR left and Russian 37 left so we called it German minor tactical defeat.


It was a fun-bloody game. The rules flowed easily and caused no problems at all. Both sides were satisfied. The “feeling” of the battle was there. We saw immobilized or abandoned tanks cause of bad morale checks.


Tigers proved their fame but there were not undefeatable as in many other rule sets we had played before. From the other hand the T-34 mobility and ‘’stal’’ order can bring your 34s to the objectives at ‘’no time’’!


Text by John

Photos by Vaggelis


2 comments on “Battlegroup Kursk – 15mm – AAR

  1. Shaun Travers
    July 6, 2013

    Pictures came out fine; and great pictures. It sounds like you had a great time, if only a short time. Glad you like BGK – seems as if your experience is similar to the one I am having!

  2. aquarius8271
    July 6, 2013

    Thank you Shaun! BGK is a very good game. I like it a lot! I’m looking forward for our next AAR!

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